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My west country in photographs

This site is all about one aspect of my life: photography or, to be more specific, to photographs I have taken in my west country of England: Cornwall, Devon and part of Somerset. It is, in fact, meant to be a bit of a jolly and I hope you will enjoy it. For my blogs on writing and politics, see the Links and Contacts tab.

There is an old saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss. I suspect that most people would describe me as a rolling stone but, if they are right, I claim to be the exception that proves the rule. My moss, however, is not cash that you can put into the bank but experiences I can remember—some of which are captured on film.

I have led a very diverse life and throughout I have been blessed with an intense curiosity (somewhat like Rudyard Kipling’s Elephant’s Child). Was it this curiosity that caused me to live such a diverse life? Has living a diverse life created my broad range curiosity? I suspect the former but it could be either. One thing is for sure (and I apologise for using yet another saying) and that is that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Thus it is that I have never actually mastered anything: I am a ‘not bad’ writer, photographer, sailor, naturalist and businessman. Only in one respect have I proved to be really quite good: living with deafness. That is, of course, because I have no option.

Actually, that is not entirely true. My proudest achievement is that I recognised and fostered my wife’s talent as a novelist. Marcia has been a huge success in that very difficult world, known as contemporary women’s fiction, and there are others I have mentored: people I have helped to fulfil their talents. It is probably the achievements of these that has given a point to my life—and I am very content with that thought.

Now for the photographs. These are being sorted into some sort of alphabetical order - although some letters await attention. Hope you enjoy them.

One of the questions we used to be asked when we lived with a large pond full of fish in our garden was, “Why do you allow the heron to take your fish?”

“Well,” we would explain, “the heron has to live too, and the fish breed like mad so why not? Sure, it’s tough being part of the food chain but that’s life, as it were. Anyway, he’s such a handsome bird, isn’t he?”


Photographer, journalist and videographer - now semi-retired but still pretty active.

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Please note that all photographs have been taken by me unless otherwise stated and are all covered by copyright. In the unlikely event that you wish to use one of the images, please let me know.




Dartington Hall in South Devon

Exmoor (a taster)


Guinea Fowl

Holne, a village on Dartmoor

Ivy-leaved Toadflax



Lewtrenchard, ladysmock and lichen

Mute Swan   









Exmoor (and I know this is a cheat but . . .).


Recently published is the first of a series of five books I am writing on one of the important characters in Marcia’s novels: the west country of England. The first is called “MARCIA WILLETT’S DARTMOUTH: a companion to her novels Hattie’s Mill and Second Time Around”. Click here for further details.

I am sure I do not have to remind you that I post a blog every Friday about all sorts of things that are happening to Marcia and I. To read it click here.